IT Sector Layoffs – New Jobs

The new jobs that have replaced the older IT jobs are a new challenge to many as there is a lack of human capital in them and adding to the vicious cycle of joblessness on one hand and increased demand for new and scarce professionals on the other effectively keeping the balance maintained as it was in the past.

Human Capital and Human Resources – Today & Tomorrow

Human capital and human resources are divergent ideas today for the role of the human resources as its practiced today is incapable of impacting change for the positive. This is primarily because human resources went the process route and can be outsourced just as easily but human capital demands that human resources move out of process orientation to a real human orientation.

This podcast is a look at the same challenge.

Public Relations Spending – Current Trends

A look at how public relations spending is going to become expensive due to trust issues with brands and how social media is increasingly eating into traditional advertising avenues and changing the market scenario bringing in a fundamental shift in how brands and customers interact.

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