Mutual Fund - Tapping Untapped B15 Markets

Mutual Funds: Tapping B15 Markets in India

Mutual funds are now looking to capitalize and find their feet in B15 markets given the increased reach. The marketing programmes are focused on investor education and products. With increased advertising budgets, the coming years will see the B15 market become the primary markets for mutual funds and their products.


Bloggers & Social Media Influencers Are Not Con Artists

Bloggers and social media influencers are mere pawns with no say in the marketing process. Marketing teams have the greatest leverage to make the most out of the relationship and need to take the responsibility to improve the market for they hold the purse strings.

Blaming members of the value chain is the easy way out and does not absolve the marketing teams of brands from not asking the tough questions and looking at real numbers. Read more

Gujarat Election – Campaign Differences

A layman outlook of what the Gujarat election highlighted in terms of voter behaviour and how it impatcs Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the government and opposition behaviour. The questions raised and the comments of the opposition and what worked did not work for the ruling party.

The missteps of the opposition such as statements calling the Prime Minister Narendra Modi a lower caste person and the comments that were used against the opposition and the impact that it might have on the election results.

Public Relations Spending – Current Trends

A look at how public relations spending is going to become expensive due to trust issues with brands and how social media is increasingly eating into traditional advertising avenues and changing the market scenario bringing in a fundamental shift in how brands and customers interact.