About the Blog and Me

Game Theori was started as a means to have an informed opinion looking at all aspects of an issue.

Game Theory, that talked about cause and effect, action and reaction, was the inspiration for the name and also it suited my passion and profession.

Having been a part of the market & industry research, information analysis and knowledge management industry for more than 10 years, my writings and podcasts are influenced by the same. One could say that my passion and profession converged and blogging and podcasting became the road on which I continue my self-discovery.

Market research, industry research, knowledge and information management, social media, political analysis, technology, consulting; are some of the topics that interest me. It interests me to know how these things impact our daily lives and business decisions such as branding, advertising, marketing, product & service design and public relations.

Being a part of the information age has also made me look at all technology and its evolution from the legacy internet on dial-up connection to the present day wireless connection and touch based applications that is driving the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data revolution towards driver-less cars and extreme automation.

My interests drive my blog and podcasts and I continue discovering new things through reading and research.

This has fueled a habit of projecting the future and then testing the projection through direct observation.

Why Game Theori?

It started as an experiment to share ones thoughts. Over time it has also enabled a personal learning with a desire to make it a platform for professionals from all industries to share their knowledge and learning to guide new entrants into industry and make the transition from academia to industry smooth.

So if you are a person or an organization interested in such topics do stick around and if you have a demand for a particular topic do let me know.

I would love to work with other professionals and organizations on solutions that have tangible impact and benefit. I can be contacted at sriram@gametheori.com and I look forward to suggestions as well as constructive criticism to improve.