How Streaming Services are replacing TV

How Streaming Services are replacing TV

Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are increasingly becoming the go to place to watch the newest of movies and the most discussed television shows. Streaming services are now becoming platforms where shows are not only moved after a television run but actively created exclusively for the platform.

Streaming  services are increasingly becoming localized and we are seeing a lot of mix and match that tends to happen here with respect to languages. If one looks at the past then we saw YouTube becoming the platform for web series which has now moved to streaming services.

The question to be asked is not what the services provide but the spotlight should be on the availability of bandwidth. In the days to come, bandwidth will become a constant and the variable is the quality of the content.

The variety of platforms will continue to grow and increasingly become more organized for competition. The competition is no longer limited to a geography. It has now become a global market place for quality content that keeps evolving based on consumer demand.

What started as a small segments of video has now turned into a big business opportunity for many content creators. It also shakes up the notion of popularity for actors because the medium of expression and delivery is far more global and instant. It is very much in the hands of the viewer.

One observation that needs special mention is because of the low price of bandwidth as wells as distributed cost of subscription, streaming services have effectively killed illegal downloads and torrents is a systematic manner. This will eventually make legal content easy to access according to ones time and ease, which was the prime reason why illegal content services flourished.

With ease of access as per ones schedule, there is also a customer commitment to completely watching the shows.

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