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Role and Influence of Bloggers

Bloggers and blogging have changed. The change is quite glaring. Considering that I had to do a earlier podcast on Bloggers & Social Media Influencers Are Not Con Artists; a lot has changed over the years since we started working on blogs. The changes in the supporting infrastructures, influence and ecosystem has made it possible for bloggers to find value in blogging.

The value is seen in quality of the content and also the capability to make it a money generating business. They have became part of influencer marketing. From launching businesses & sustaining business model, its real struggle in especially modern marketplace.  Bloggers plays important role in creating community and telling a brand story.

Every company needs a story teller, who tells the story about their brands through sharing experiences and advising end consumers about the brand. The quality of content delivery & its authenticity plays major role during brand building exercise.

The way people look at brand changes when third party explains its advantages & disadvantages and bloggers are experts in their area of interest. Their views & feedback matters to consumers who keep track on regular basis to know what is happening in a particular sector or area.

Marketing professional create content for different mediums on basis of their marketing strategy. Companies are creating content for websites as well as social media.

Independent bloggers create their own content which makes them influential and the goodwill created can become a brand development initiative.

In B2C market, influencer marketing works  due to direct connect with consumers. Influencers became part of marketing strategy which is helping consumers understand their latent needs. The mutating market place and technology has shaken up the older foundations but good quality content still remains the cornerstone for engaging readers in a blogging experience.

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