Flexi Timings and Human Productivity

Human Productivity

Human productivity and  over-crowding in the city of Mumbai is supposedly finding its answers in flexi timings and are being touted as a ideal solution. The real question to be asked is not on flexi timings but on loss of energy due to travel.

The questions on human productivity with a work-from-home policy need answers which are not available for a comparable study.

One needs to address a lot of other issues that tend to interplay with a work-from-home idea. One of the first is addressing a leadership fear of loss of productivity. Not knowing what is a proper benchmark is what is causing this irrational fear.

The other challenge to address is the clarity in communication of work expectations and sticking to it.  Most work-from-home ideas fail in a large organizations due lack of delegation of responsibilities and deficiency of trust on employees.

In the days to come, work-from-home will have to become a standard as it not only make life easier but it also enhances life quality

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