Social Media – The New Fourth Estate

social media

A discussion on social media replacing and taking over traditional news media and influencing the news and news makers. Re-evaluating the need to look at the news media in any format and how social media is disrupting and ripping apart traditional business models and news reporting.


One Comment on “Social Media – The New Fourth Estate”

  1. Hi there! Congratulations on executing a very well thought out debate on the changing role of the media today. I think the erosion of media is largely self-inflicted. This, I think, is a very exciting time to be analysing media and media research. As Karthik rightly said that it’s a battle of ideology vs facts. I think the level of journalism has dropped because of a visceral hatred for the saffron juggernaut is the reason. The credibility crisis is symptomatic of why we no longer see new talent in journalism.

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