Minimalism – Year in Review 2017

The end of the year post on a year long practice of minimalism was befitting the year of 2017 and the best part was how its impact will be felt in 2018 and inspiring me in this quest is Jaibala Rao ( with her hashtag and post on #SimplifyIn2018. 

Do read Jaibala’s post and share your journey and suggestions for a minimalist and frugal life that will add value for 2018.

social media

Social Media – The New Fourth Estate

A discussion on social media replacing and taking over traditional news media and influencing the news and news makers. Re-evaluating the need to look at the news media in any format and how social media is disrupting and ripping apart traditional business models and news reporting.


Gujarat Election – Campaign Differences

A layman outlook of what the Gujarat election highlighted in terms of voter behaviour and how it impatcs Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the government and opposition behaviour. The questions raised and the comments of the opposition and what worked did not work for the ruling party.

The missteps of the opposition such as statements calling the Prime Minister Narendra Modi a lower caste person and the comments that were used against the opposition and the impact that it might have on the election results.